Human Dimensions of Natural Resources

This is a web site for interacting with people that are interested in natural resources, like forests, wildlife, and water. There are two main purposes for this web site:

  • Soliciting your attitudes and opinions about specific issues related to natural resources; and
  • Communicating the results of research so that people can learn more about what people think about natural resource issues and how people’s attitudes and opinions can help to inform he management of natural resources.

What is the human dimension?
The term human dimensions refers to how and why humans value natural resources, how humans want resources managed, and how humans affect or are affected by natural resources management decisions. Human dimensions inquiries strive to understand human traits and how to incorporate that understanding into management planning and actions. It covers a variety of ideas and practices including cultural, social, and economic values; individual and social behaviour; demographics; legal and institutional frameworks of management; communication and education; and, decision-making processes of management (Decker, Brown & Siemer, 2001).