Alberta Boreal Caribou Social Network Survey

We are investigating the roles and relationships of people representing different organizations who work on boreal caribou management in Alberta. We will examine the social network that links all the actors in boreal caribou conservation which is an important network of relationships. By describing these relationships within the boreal caribou conservation system we will be able to describe and understand what enables and constrains collaboration. This survey will collect information about the relationships between people working on boreal caribou management in Alberta, including:

  1. Identify strengths and gaps in partnerships, network development, and community building required to further facilitate caribou recovery.
  2. Identify key actors;
  3. Identify the gaps or structural holes which could improve function of the network; and
  4. Understand the interconnections, strengths, weaknesses, and efficacy of the network.

All of these components are critical to achieving caribou recovery objectives. Funding for this study was provided by the Canadian Forest Service. It is anticipated that the survey results will support strategies for conservation collaboration in Alberta. Research results will be publicly available in the autumn of 2023.

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Carly Sponarski
Research Scientist
Natural Resources Canada Canadian Forest Service
Edmonton, AB
carly.sponarski [at]