South Selkirks

South Selkirks Forest Management & Climate Change Public Opinion Survey

The purpose of this research is to obtain general information on public opinions and preferences for forest management and related land-use planning issues from British Columbia residents. This research project is being conducted by a team of UBC researchers and is funded by the Provincial Governments’ Future Forest Ecosystems Scientific Council of British Columbia (a program that assists the government to maintain and enhance the resilience and productivity of BC’s ecosystems as our climate changes) and by BC Hydro. The intent of this survey is to:

  • Identify the range of opinions about forest management and planning outcomes in the South Selkirk region of British Columbia;
  • Provide objective information about local concerns and people’s understanding of particular forestry issues; and
  • Examine local attitudes and beliefs about the effects of climate change in the South Selkirk region.

Based on the input received, results will be shared with your community and may be used to guide the decisions of some forest and environmental managers in their deliberations about forest management and climate change. It is anticipated that the survey results will contribute to a better understanding of the resource management priorities of communities in the South Selkirk region.