Rock Climbing in Squamish

climbing-logo_smallThe Role of Social Networks & Recreation Specialization in Understanding Rock Climbers Attitudes Towards the Environment.

This project will help to understand current rock climbing use in Squamish BC, and will assist with providing safe and enjoyable rock climbing opportunities. The results of this survey will identify where management, maintenance and planning emphasis for rock climbing resources should be placed over the coming years. This visitor survey collects information about:

  • Rock climbing use (e.g. participation frequency and location);
  • Rock climbing characteristics (e.g. demographics, different aspects of climbing); and
  • Attitudes about the environment, and climbers’ social networks.

This project will contribute to our understanding of rock climbing in Squamish. Overall results will be shared publicly and may be used to guide discussions and the development of policies to address rock climbing in, and around, Squamish. It is anticipated that the survey results will contribute to a better understanding of the resource management priorities of recreationists in the Squamish area.

This research was funded by the Social Sciences & Humanities Research council of Canada (SSHRC)